Calling for a cooperation of the Golden Lion area, in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Project Transfer, long-term lease of a part or of the entire premises, concessions, or business cooperation

Golden Lion is a project of Culture Culinary - Culture exchange of the Czech Republic in Central Vietnam. The project is built on an area of ​​over 11,000 m2, in the center of Dong Hoi city, opposite to a New Administrative Center of Quang Binh Province (see, over  Nguyen Huu Canh street. Golden Lion realized Project by the purpose of cultural exchange and promoting Czech investments in Vietnam, especially in the central region. Due to the European economic crisis, foreign investment plateaued, and increased by inexperienced, uninformed tours, cuisine, customs and traditions of Vietnamese culture, the project has an inefficient operation.

Golden Lion Area ̣ (Golden Lion) looked from Nguyen Huu Canh street, Dong Hoi City


With a trend of strong growth of the tourism sector in Quang Binh Province in recent years, the investor wishes to cooperate with the professional companies, which operate in the service sector Tourism, Restaurants, and Hotels, and want to develop the market here, or any other convertible sector, such as commercial services, office, including health services with a renovated investment.

Fields can be exploited immediately, without having to invest: restaurant, wedding service restaurant (hall space, which can accommodate thousands of guests), garden beer restaurant (ready installed aproduction line of draft beer of Czech  Pilsner beer  type with 3 kinds of products: black, gold, and brown beer), sweets,coffee bar (a production line of creams, sweets senior was installed), 2-star hotel (21 rooms of operation), suite to travel companies that want to expand their market in Quang Binh province.

Fields need a little investment, and improvement renovation: commercial services, supermarkets, office rental, opening clinics, private hospitals, etc.

Cooperation can be taken in any form: Project transfer, business concessions, long-term lease of a part area, or the entire project, or collaborate with business, etc.

A photo of the Golden Lion area topographic maps taken from Google Map (view on Google maps online: )


Golden Lion is located opposite to a new Administrative Center of Quang Binh over Nguyen Huu Canh street, Dong Hoi City

Details, please contact to the phone number: 0977842879, or mail:


A few images of the Golden Lion area



A front of view of Golden Lion


Overall perspective 3D architecture of space Golden Lion area, viewed from above

Perspective 3D architecture of area Golden Lion, horizontal look, architectural style is rather Europe


Golden Lion Restaurant

The restaurant has an accommodating capacity of thousands of people. Installed production line of draft beer, Pilsner beer type, Czech technology with several products such as black, gold and brown beers. Wide space can be used for organize of events, conferences or weddings.

A corner of Golden Lion restaurant


A tourist group in the Golden Lion restaurant


A corner parking of Golden Lion


A School Sciences Banquet held by the University of Quang Binh for the University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland.


Some external views of Golden Lion


The production line  of draft beer, there are 3 types of products: black, gold and brown beer


Project shareholders



A corner of restaurant


The stage of live karaoke


Restaurant reception


A garden corner of restaurant




Nguyen Trung hotel located in Golden Lion area

Nguyen Trung Hotel is a cheap 2-star hotel in the Center of Dong Hoi City, with 21 rooms in operation.

A external corner of Nguyen Trung Hotel


Enter gate of hotel


Hotel Reception


A family room with 3 beds


A room of two beds

A VIP room of double bed

Chuyên mục

Khuyến mại và ưu đãi

Dưới mọi hình thức: chuyễn nhượng dự án, chuyễn nhượng vốn góp, cho thuê
Thứ bảy & chủ nhật hàng tuần từ 18g - 21g, bia tươi vàng uống 5 tặng 1!
Bia tươi mát lạnh ngày hè, bia đen hương vị đặc biệt.
Khuyến mãi bia tươi nhân dịp khai trương dịch vụ sân vười: uống 1 lít tặng 1 ly!

Tin nổi bật

Project Transfer, long-term lease of a part or of the entire premises,
Dưới mọi hình thức: chuyễn nhượng dự án, chuyễn nhượng vốn góp, cho thuê
Dưới các hình thức: chuyễn nhượng dự án, cho thuê dài hạn một phần
Kính mong nhận được sự ủng hộ, quan tâm của quý khách!
Nhân dịp Xuân mới Ất mùi Golden Lion kính chúc Quý khách, bạn bè gần xa sức